Printed Instructions for Canvassing Teams
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•	Contents of "Walker" packet  •	Map - the map shows the area to be covered by the "outreach" project.  Your specific area is highlighted in color.  •	Walk List - this list contains information on each address in your walk area.  It also contains areas to record the results of your visit.  •	Name of Residents (obtained from a voter registration list - all registered voters living at this address should be listed)  •	Name of Church Members (obtained from our church registration data)  •	Information to be Completed  •	No One Home (check Yes or No)  •	Spoke to Resident (check Yes or No)  •	Is OLG Member (check Yes or No)  •	Supports "Prayer Garden" (check Yes, No, or Undecided)  •	Number of Individuals Who Signed Petition (number of signatures obtained at this residence)  •	Resident's Comments (short summary of conversation - you can also use this field for your own comments)  •	Drawing of the preliminary plan for the Prayer Garden.  You can use this drawing to let people see the overall concept - drawing indicates general layout, trees and shrubs, benches, and the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  DO NOT GIVE AWAY THE DRAWING!  •	Fliers - the flier is a one-page, two-sided document that contains a description of the Prayer Garden project.  The text is written in English on one side and Spanish on the other side.  The packet contains enough fliers so that you can leave one at each address on your "Walk List".  •	Petition - the petition is intended to show support for the Prayer Garden project.  If the person you are talking to indicates that they support the idea of the Prayer Garden, then ask he/she if she would like to sign the petition.  The petition is printed in both English and Spanish.   •	Name Tag - Print your first name on the paper name tag insert and then insert the paper name tag into the plastic holder.  Please wear the name tag.  •	Other •	Clip Board •	Pen   •	Suggested Script  Good afternoon, my name is (your first name).  I am a member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church located at 8400 Old Redwood Hwy and the corner of Alden Ln.  We are visiting with our neighbors today to let you know about our plans to create a Prayer Garden to be located just outside of the church building on the side of the building facing Alden Ln.  May I ask your name?  The Prayer Garden will be a quiet, semi-enclosed landscaped space that will provide a place to pray and/or meditate when the church building is not available.  It will also be occasionally used as an alternate place to conduct some religious services that are normally held within the church building.  The theme of the Prayer Garden is Peace and Hope, and it will be open to everyone, regardless of their religious affiliation.  (SHOW DRAWING)  We have filed an application with the Town of Windsor, and the Windsor Planning Commission will be meeting to review our application at the Town Civic Center at 5:30pm on August 11, 2015.  If you would like to support our application, you can do so by signing our petition.  Hand them the flier and thank them for their time.   •	Possible Questions  •	When do you anticipate that Prayer Garden will be available?  Hopefully, sometime this fall.  •	Hours that the Prayer Garden will be open? From sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week.   For further information, contact church office (phone number is on bottom of flier)  •	Dos and Don'ts  •	Do thank the person for their time  •	Do ask the person their name  If nobody is home, leave the flier inside the front door or on the front step.  •	Do not place the flier inside of the mail box  •	Do not enter the yard if the gate is closed  •	Do not knock on the door or leave flier if there is a "No Solicitation" sign.